W623 System

Knauf W623. ae Linings may be specified with confidence for application to most masonry backgrounds depending on the condition.

  1. Where a variable stand-off clearance is required between lining and background of between 27 and 125mm.
  2. Where background is not aligned properly.
  3. Where insulation is required within the wall lining void.
  4. Where deep service runs are required to be accommodated within the lining void.

Knauf Linings can accommodate any of the range of Knauf Gypsum Boards, depending on the performance requirements. The boards are fixed onto a lightweight metal framework of Knauf ‘CD’ Channels fixed to Knauf Universal Brackets and Knauf ‘UD’ Channels.

The system can provide a variable stand-off from the background of between 27 and 125mm. This makes it capable to override substantial irregularities in the background.

The lining void facilitates the introduction of thermal or acoustic insulation and provides containment for service runs.

The system can be applied to the majority of all common building substrates. Pretreatment of the background is not required. Under good building practice, however, any deleterious deposits, such as mould, oil or grease, should be removed as a precaution.

The tapered edge boards can be taped and jointed using Knauf Jointing Compounds (such as Knauf Fugenfüller or Knauf Readygips ) and Accessories. Knauf Readygips can be applied as a skim coat to achieve a smooth plastered finish.