Hollow Floors

When you need to save time by installation

Are you in a hurry to implement your construction project? Then GIFAfloor FHB is just what you need!

The high speed of the installation of this single layer hollow floor enables rapid completion. Installations are accessible at all times thanks to the immediate or later combination with Knauf Integral GIFAfloor BD, for example in corridors or as an installation route. For maintenance or extension of the underfloor network, electric sockets, outlets and inspection opening can be installed at any point on the floor. Naturally, drywalling systems can be constructed on the GIFAfloor FHB.

The structure of the F181 system consists of single layer GIFAfloor FHB gypsum fibre elements in the format 600 x 1200 mm on steel supports.

The elements are laid staggered and with their evenly sanded surface are ready for almost any top covering overnight.

They come with standard thicknesses of 25, 28, 32 and 38 mm and have tongue-and-groove edges.

The individually adjustable supports are usually glued to the raw floor with a distance of 600 x 600 mm.

Single layer GIFAfloor hollow floors are especially suitable for small rooms and rooms where there is a high level of wastage due to cutting.