Knauf Cleaneo SYSTEXX

Cleaneo SYSTEXX Acoustic Boards are perforated plasterboards to improve room acoustics. It is the system carrier for the acoustic wallpaper Cleaneo SYSTEXX Silent. The back is laminated with fleece or foil, edge formation UFF.


  • Sound absorbing
  • Broadband absorber
  • Easy processing
  • Carrier plate for Cleaneo SYSTEXX Silent
  • Can be used without Cleaneo SYSTEXX Silent
  • Special fleece with optimized flow resistance or foil lamination
  • Support profile spacing 400 mm
  • Attractive design thanks to the new hole pattern
  • Improved edge protection on the visible side thanks to the surrounding fold


Cleaneo SYSTEXX Acoustic Board is mainly used as a carrier board in the Cleaneo SYSTEXX system or as cladding for wall and ceiling systems to improve room acoustics and sound absorption and / or for

individual room design used.

Thanks to the standard air cleaning effect, it is also ideal for indoor areas to improve the indoor climate.

Suitable for the following systems:

  • Cleaneo SYSTEXX system
  • Acoustic panel ceilings


The processing takes place in accordance with the relevant standards as well as in accordance with the Knauf detail sheets of the respective drywall systems.