To Our Valued Customers, Knauf is one of the leading voices in sourcing locally and manufacturing products that are truly “Made in UAE” as well as enabling collaboration with the major industry leaders towards technological advancements in manufacturing and logistics. This has made us fully equipped to efficiently cater the needs, wants and preferences of our valued customers and clients who over time have become a part of our big family.

Our commitment towards building environmentally responsible and economically sustainable products locally have been applauded, recognized and certified by esteemed UAE government authorities such as Ministry of Interiors, Civil Defense, Central Laboratory, Quality and Conformity Council.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Knauf shows its customer service excellence and commitment in the Middle East and India. We ensure that the demand meets the supply, the first time and every time by utilizing our full range of flexibility and potential of our production facilities, human resources, technical expertise, logistics and cutting edge digitalisation, thereby facilitating rapid growth and development in the region.

Here is a highlight of some of Knauf’s products, systems & services:

  • Gypsum based high performance drywall building materials, system and accessories.
  • ASTM certified products & systems – Ceiling, Partition, Wall Lining and Cinema System.
  • Knauf Aquapanel cement boards for interior, exterior and universal usages.
  • Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Systems (Exterior walls, cladding and ceiling).
  • Knauf Heraklith’s acoustic designs for Interior and Exterior in ceiling & partition systems.
  • Knauf Integral’s Knauf GIFA Floor, sheet-paneled access floors systems.
  • Fire and acoustic rated sealants and materials.
  • Multi- Purpose Joint compounds
  • Engineering and technical consultancy for architects, consultants, etc.
  • Knauf Training Academy: Hands-on training.

Knauf’s high performing, innovative systems are fast and easy to install and are manufactured to meet ASTM, EN-BS and DIN Standards, to meet any client requirements. Our dedicated Training Academy is committed to making sure that all our end users are up to date of our system.

Quality, sustainability, health and safety are central to our vision, actions towards our people and the local communities ensuring every product that comes out of the line is rigorously tested, certified, approved and socio- environmentally responsible while producing them. Our ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), 14001 (Health, Environment and Safety), 18001 (OHSAS) and 50001 (Energy Management) certifications are a testament to our commitment to the same.

Our four dimensional core values called K-Values: Partnership, Commitment, Entrepreneurship and Menschlichkeit (“the human touch” in German) are the key drivers of our camaraderie and operational excellence throughout our multi-cultural organizational structure. It is this passion that subsequently reflects in our products and customer service excellence as well.

Thank you for being part of this big family and Let’s Build the Future together.

Managing Director
Knauf Middle East & India