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Knauf Golf Day – Season 1

Knauf Golf Day – Season 1

Future Cities Golf Cup: A day of supercars and super drives
On the 14th of April, KNAUF LLC hosted the region’s leading Architects and Developers for the first Future Cities Golf Cup. Held at the iconic and famously tricky Dubai Creek golf course, 72 leaders of the construction community competed for bragging rights in the friendly format of a Texas Scramble.

The day was dominated by the presence of a Lamborghini Aventador, which was being offered as a prize for the longest drive on the Creek’s flagship 18th hole. Surrounded by water, the intimidating fairway offered the perfect backdrop for the KNAUF branded Supercar.

The Super experience was ultimately won by Roy Gums, a former British and World Champion boxer, who punched the golf ball well over 300 yards. The winning team was KNAUF LLC, who were 3 shots ahead of their nearest competitor SSH Architects.

The evening concluded with dinner and an inspiring speech from Mr Amer Bin Ahmed, CEO of KNAUF LLC. Other prizes of artworks, fragrances and golf accessories were given out to the lucky winners.

Although golf days are not new to Dubai, the first Future Cities Golf Cup stood out for its relaxed atmosphere, team format and most importantly, for bringing the most influential members of Dubai’s design and development committee together for a day of sporting camaraderie.

Next year, we just need to make sure we have at least two Lamborghini’s!