KNAUF Family Day

KNAUF Family Day

As we strive to usher in a more sustainable future, achieve the millennium development goals, shape a new development agenda and combat climate change, we are still able to make the time to hold our family day event every year. Family day exemplifies the four Knauf values; Partnership, Entrepreneurship, Menschlichkeit and Commitment.

Held at Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa in Dubai Marina, over 150 Knauf staff were present with their wives & children for a fun day filled with innovative games. Each group was mixed with different nationalities as they tackled the various challenges and worked together as a team.

Activities included strategic games such as a spider web game and a blindfold maze where the teams had to direct a blindfolded member through an obstacle course. There were some gold coins given for the teams who won the games. The teams who had collected the most gold coins were awarded medals on stage and the winning team of the day was awarded a “Beach pass” to use at the Habtoor Resort & Spa. A trampoline and a spiderman slides were available for the children who were present on the day.

A 94 year old, Normandy war veteran Mr. Albert Figg was present as “Special Guest of Honour”. Mr. Albert gave a very poignant and moving speech that personally touched many of the attendees who had the pleasure of listening to him speak. He talked about his experience on the Normandy beaches in World War II and his subsequent experiences following the war, always drawing back to the importance of family and family values. Mr. Albert also spoke about his fundraising efforts to memorialize those lost at the strategic Hill 112 site in Normandy, France where he was present during the war and where many comrades were sadly lost.

Knauf UAE continues to place emphasis on strengthening family-centered ideologies and programmes as part of continued approach to development. Family plays a big part of who we are and what we do. It is the essence of the core Knauf values and this is what makes us unique. They are a part of every single Knauf employee, every single decision and every action.

Unique to Knauf UAE, our Family Day event has been the foundation of our success and it is family and family values that will continue to drive our success in the future.