Iftar Campaign

Iftar Campaign


Construction workers at one of the largest and most prestigious project sites in Dubai, Al Habtoor City, were treated to an iftar meal courtesy of Knauf, a German gypsum board manufacturer and building material company.

Over 3,800 workers, comprising of more than 20 nationalities, received the food packages as part of a special initiative conducted during the holy month of Ramadan.

Some 45 team members of Knauf in conjunction with staff from Al Habtoor-Leighton Group and sub-contractor Al Rawda took to the midday summer heat to distribute the iftar packages as the workers left to go home for the day.

Amer Bin Ahmed, Managing Director of Knauf G.C.C and India, explained: “From the very beginning, Knauf has been practicing four main values, known as K-Values. These are known as Partnership, Entrepreneurship, Commitment and finally Menshlickeit. The final K-Value, Menshlickeit, translates literally as Humanity and the “human touch”. As a company we endeavour to fulfil this very important value through humanitarian work and giving back to the community. For this reason we are gathered here today as we would like make a meaningful difference and bring a smile to the faces of the Al Habtoor workers by providing them with an Iftar meal. This is not just about providing plasterboard and drywall systems, it’s about getting to know the people we are working with and to share our values with them and show that we care.”

The landmark $1.33bn (AED4.875bn) Al Habtoor City development will include 1,600 hotel rooms, spread between three five star hotels (lifestyle, luxury and main); an iconic Las Vegas-style ‘aqua’ theatre; a French provincial-inspired garden; and food and beverage venues.

In what will become the largest integrated hotel complex in the Middle East, comprising a five-level podium, one 36-storey tower and one 25-storey tower within a total GFA of 350,000m2 located on the arterial Sheikh Zayed Road.

Knauf is providing specific tailor made solutions thanks to a dedicated Technical and Sales Team. Within the project Knauf is delivering full-system interior drywall solutions and Aquapanel solutions in wet areas. Knauf will cover hotel rooms, kitchens and lobbies among many other areas with high acoustic ratings and excellent fire protective systems.

As he watched hundreds of workers queue patiently for their free iftar box, often lending a hand alongside his staff members, Ahmed stressed that safety on the site and throughout the entire company is of paramount importance.

He said: “We are one of the companies that has really implemented the safety aspect from the very beginning in our company, starting from our workshop, right up to the managing director levels.

As you can see the morale today is high with both Habtoor-Leighton workers and our staff. So many faces are passing by and collecting their packs, each one as cheerful and happy as the one before, fully demonstrating the success of the event. Today would not have been possible without the support of Al Habtoor-Leighton Group and Al Rawda Contracting Company who both played a significant part ensuring that the event was able to happen.”

“We have 23 nationalities working in our company and we do not all speak the same language; we are not from the same cultures and we do not look the same or dress the same,” said Ahmed.

“To bring everyone together is very important. We are like a mini version of the UAE and it allows us to see that we can work together. We can achieve as a team the most difficult task and that is why we knew that today was possible. We are united through our diversity and through our four K-Values.

“Knauf, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building materials, is a multinational company with operations in more than 150 production sites worldwide and present in more than 37 countries. The headquarters for the Gulf Region is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a dedicated manufacturing facility in Ras al-Khaimah. Knauf also maintains presence in Qatar, KSA and India and serves many of the neighboring regions.