7th Annual Fire Safety Forum

7th Annual Fire Safety Forum

Special Recognition for an International Manufacturer Fighting Fire. 


Senior Commanders as well as those responsible for the safety of UAE citizens and residents gathered at the Intercontinental to discuss the future of Fire Safety in the UAE.  More than 200 VIP delegates joined Dubai Civil Defence to discuss further advances in technology, earlier collaboration as well as operational planning through a number of key seminars and discussions.

With fire safety being the most important topic in the Dubai construction community, Amer Bin Ahmed, Managing Director of KNAUF UAE was given special recognition by Major General Jassem Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Commander in Chief, UAE Civil Defence and Major General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General, Dubai Civil Defence for KNAUF’s outstanding work in increasing fire safety on projects in the GCC

“We would like to take this occasion to thank the authorities for the recognition and ensure to further strengthen the relationships between the private and public sectors for the betterment of the country and its people” says Amer Bin Ahmed.


With research and development being critical components in combatting fire, the research that KNAUF has done locally as well as globally is significant in securing our homes.


As part of the regions push on research and development for fire safety, KNAUF is making continuous development by bringing in more and more fire rated products in the market in accordance with the international and local fire safety codes. During the event, KNAUF launched a range of fire rated products. As with all ASTM systems that KNAUF produces, they are Intertek Certified which gives the specifier and owner complete confidence in the performance of the system and insurance of the building.


The certification also gives the developers and consultants more opportunities in making buildings safer without compromising on design, innovation and performance.


KNAUF’s strength lies within specification, working with consultants at the initial design stage to ensure the best performance and quality on the UAE’s projects and future homes. The innovative group specializes in training those responsible for installation of these systems as well as having a dedicated site inspection team to guarantee quality is not compromised.


At the very heart of KNAUF’s philosophy is the vision set by the Managing Director who firmly states,” We are a German company that is Made in The UAE.  We combine the history, quality and knowledge of one of the largest manufacturing regions globally with a commitment to position the UAE as an export hub of quality. By creating strong, reliable and high performance materials locally, KNAUF works in partnership with the UAE’s commitment to sustainability as well as quality that can be exported throughout the world. Knauf is committed to further take Made in UAE to all international levels and make it a standard for quality” says Amer Bin Ahmed.