KC A001 Suspension System

Knauf KC A001 Ceiling Systemmust be installed inaccordance with Knauf 's recommendations.

Whencreating an airtight space, methods for the reduction ofpotential “ceiling lift '' should be considered.

Perimeter Fixing

Mark the position of the ceiling line with a Chalk Line.Knauf UD channels should be secured to the walls at therequired heights, at maximum 609mm centers and 50mmfrom the ends of channels.

The Knauf UD forming theperimeter and the Knauf Main C Channels do not need to be mechanically fixed together.


Select the fixing centers suited to the ceiling load. Fixwith Knauf approved ceilingdowel to the structural soffit.Use the KnaufL - Angle or wire and fix to the approved ceilingdowel.

Primary Support Channels - CChannels

The centers of the primary support channels should bealigned at the required height.

Knafu L - Ange should be fixed to the Knaud Main CChannels with two Knauf LN Wafer Head Screws

Splicing of the Main C Channels

If straight lengths of Knauf Main C Channelsneed jointing, place the channels back toback, withaminimumn 609mm overlap, and fix withtwo Knauf LN Wafer Head Screws.

Hat Furring Channels

The Knauf Hat Furring Channels should bepositioned at 406mm centers within the perimeterchannels to coincide with the abutments of the boards, which wil lbe fixed later.

Connect the Knauf HatFurring Channels to the Knauf Main C Channel by meansof Knauf LN Wafer Head Screws.


If insulation is required, Installed once the primarysupport and the ceiling channels have been connectedand before the boarding has started,

Knauf insulation as specified should be inserted above the primarysupport channels. Care should be taken to ensure that the insulation is fitted neatly without gaps at abutments or between different rolls.

Movement Control Joints

Create movement control joints where ceiling runs exceed 10m, coinciding where possible withmovementjoints in the surrounding structure.

Board Joint Reinforcement
(Only for Fire Resistant System)

Where the cut end of Gypsum board end's reinforcementthrough the inclusion of additional Hat FurringChannels should be implemented.

A piece of Hat Furringchannel should be located approx. 1 inch backfrom each board edge.


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