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Knauf Flooring Systems specializes in raised flooring systems and access floors allowing for a multitude of possibilities. This is probably the best way to describe the character Of GIFAfloor - You can depend on the durability and high load-carrying capacity of these floors. The cornerstone for the high stability is already laid during the production of the plasterboards. The unique winding process by Knauf Integral determines the homogenous material structure before the extremely high compressing to 1500 kg/m and more takes place in the subsequent pressing process.

You can obtain GIFAfloor as panelled access floor green ware or sheet-panelled access floor with tongue and groove edging in various material thicknesses, and with standard or individual grid dimensions.

All components are optimally coordinated to one another. The panels are supplied to the construction site ready-to-lay, a surface primer applied at the factory protects the boards during transportation and laying, ensuring the full hardwearing capabilities of the floor right from the start.

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