Guinness World Records

Knauf UAE breaks a Guinness World Records
KNAUF UAE participated in an official Guinness World Records Team Challenge event on 12th December 2015 at a hotel in Ajman, UAE on the occasion of its Annual Day.

One of the Guinness World Records challenges that the KNAUF team attempted was for the Most water moved by the hands in one minute (team of 8). On this occasion the KNAUF team managed to move 800ml (28.15 UK fl oz; 27.05 US fl oz) with their hands in one minute beating the previous record of 390ml.

This remarkable feat was achieved by Abdul Hamid Abdul Mannan Shibu Ramachandran, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Gaffoor, Shaik Utuman Noor Mohamed, Mohaideen Badhusha Jeyasritharan Veliah, Mohamed Nilowfer and Farook Huzain

The Guinness World Records Challenge that KNAUF has broken is available at official Guinness World Records Team Challenge events only.
It was the vision of Mr. Amer Bin Ahmed, Managing Director Knauf GCC and India, who came up with the concept of setting a new Guinness World Records Title, as a great way of not only showing the Knauf commitment to innovation but also bringing his team together. Later, Mr. Amer took to the stage to present the awards for Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year where as many as sixteen individuals across Knauf UAE were recognized for their valuable contributions in 2015.
"Knauf UAE is proud to set this prestigious Guinness World Records Title. We as a team are always ready for challenges whether in business or on the field. In keeping with one of our core Knauf Values of Commitment, we are committed to give back to The United Arab Emirates as a nation and as a society. We at Knauf are also trying to contribute to Nation-building in whatever way we possibly can." concluded Mr Amer Bin Ahmed, Managing Director Knauf GCC and India


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