Module 6 - Aquapanel

Aquapanel Indoor & Outdoor


By the end of today's training you will have the skill to install Aquapanel Indoor & Outdoor with confidence and in accordance with the required installation standard

This training is aimed at helping you understand what the Knauf Aquapanel board is capable of, we will discuss all the relevant standards that the boards have been tested to and then you will have time to install the boards and see for yourself how easy and versatile these boards are.
Partition Standards to be discussed - EN 1364-1 & ASTM C1325 A,B & ASTM E84 & E136
The Knauf Aquapanel board comes in 2 different designs one for Indoor applications such as shower rooms, Sauna's and general wet areas. The Indoor board is especially good for use as a tile backer board as it is extremely robust and can support a heavier weight than your standard gypsum boards.

Secondly we have the Aquapanel outdoor board this board can be used for many applications, such as a ventilation Exterior constructions, curtain walls or simply direct application.
Both boards are uniquely designed so that they are flexible and therefore allowing you to apply this board to many creative designs. When it comes to the finishing of the aquapanel boards again this is very easy, for the indoor you have options of direct tile application of full surface finish and the outdoor again depending upon its application it can be finished to your satisfaction.

Throughout the training session you will install both the Aquapanel indoor and outdoor upon a framing system and see how easy the application is, you will also get the chance to witness the bending radius of the boards. The most interesting part of this training will be the finishing, along with the instructor you will work through step by step each process of the finishing treatment for both boards, this will help you understand exactly why there is this requirement and ensure that you can fulfill this process each time. This is important as the boards need to be fully sealed to ensure no penetration of water will pass through the board, especially for such applications as sauna's and wet rooms.

By the end of this training you will leave with much more confidence and understanding of what the Knauf Aquapanel is all about and how to install it in the correct and most professional manner.


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