Module 5 - Drywall Finishing

Upon completion of this training you will understand and have the Knowledge on how to apply and finish a drywall system to an acceptable standard

Throughout this training we will be discussing the performance qualities of the Knauf finishing compounds, then working with the products in order to be become competent in applying them through different means of application. We will cover both hand applied and machine sprayed compounds.

Finishing compound standards to be discussed - ASTM C475/474, E136, D2373
The aim of this training session is to develop your knowledge and understanding on the available Knauf finishing compounds that are available. We will look at each product and see how and what it has been tested too, this will enable you to get a good idea of what the products are capable of, we will cover the fire characteristics of the products to understand how they perform under such conditions, also the we can see how the products perform under different environmental conditions such as wet and humid areas again through specific testing.
Finishing a drywall system is made up of 3 main items Joint tape, connection beads and filler, these all work together to provide a smooth and seamless surface finish. Surface finishing can be done to many different levels of quality, these quality levels range from Q1 through to Q5 and are described within each building standards. This training will help you understand these levels and what is expected of each level.

The training is very hand on where you will continuously applying compounds and seeking to get that desired finish, you will get the opportunity to apply compounds by hand and also through means of a spray machine. By doing this you will understand the reasoning for each application, although machine applied is fast it is not always the suitable option and this we will cover. Also the training instructor will demonstrate the application process from joint filling through to surface finishing this will allow you to see the correct methods for the installation, also we will show the ways in which you should not be applying such products and how the market is currently doing.

You will also have the opportunity to try the finishing application for yourself, using the available Knauf tools. This will give us the opportunity to showcase the available tools and give you the understanding on where these tools are used and for what purpose they serve. Also we will explain in detail the correct process that is needed in order to operate the spray application machine in a safe and professional manner.


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