Module 4 - Cinema Solutions

By the end of today's training you will have the skill to install the Knauf Cinema wall systems with confidence and in accordance with the required installation standard ASTM C754 & C840

This training is designed to help you understand the available drywall cinema solutions that are within the Knauf range, we have both high rise walls that have high acoustic and fire values through to the mass barrier ceiling system.
Partition Standards to be discussed - ASTM E119, E90, and E2226
This training is both practical and theoretical where we will begin with understanding the values and performance criteria's for the available cinema systems both walls and ceiling. At Knauf we have 2 differently designed wall systems, firstly the V-brace system that combines of 2 separate walls braced together by means of an acoustic bracket and secondly the U-stud system that is a cleverly designed u shaped profile that is extremely robust. Then we have the mass barrier ceiling that has the unique Knauf phonic hanger system that improves the acoustical performance dramatically.

The aim of the training is to help candidates understand that when it comes to drywall in Cinemas there are major differences from that of a standard residential drywall system. Firstly the fire performance is greater and the overall structural height of the walls is significantly increased, so being able to meet these needs is demanding and every little detail of installation is important. The most important performance value when it comes to cinema systems is the acoustical performance, usually this is tested at site so the need to achieve the given values are crucial and this is where installation of the system becomes very specific, changing the smallest of detail can impact significantly on the sound performance so this is why this training is important.

Throughout the training you will get to install both the V-brace and U-stud system along with the mass barrier ceiling, we will look at all the specific details that are needed in order to achieve the desired performance levels. You will also learn how to install the system in the most professional of manners and this will improve efficiency and waste at site. You also get the opportunity to use top end tools that specific to the job in question and these can impact greatly on the overall quality and speed of the installation.


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