Module 3 - Shaftwalls

By the end of today's training you will have the skill to install a Knauf Shaftwall system with confidence and in accordance with the required installation standard ASTM C754 & C840 or EN BS 8212.

The aim of this training module is to help you understand the specific requirements that are needed for the installation of a Knauf Shaftwall and also to understand where this system is typically used as this is not and everyday drywall system.

Shaftwall Standards to be discussed - BS 8212 & ASTM C840, C754, E119 & E1966
The Knauf Shaftwall is a very unique system that is designed using the C-T stud designed stud, this allows for the system to constructed from one side only and therefore works perfectly for the installation of shaftwall (walls that are surrounding an elevator shaft) where access from the inside is fully restricted.

This system achieves very acceptable heights and has a good fire resistant performance. The system is designed using a 25mm Coreboard that is friction fitted within the C-T studs so one side of the wall is technically not screw fixed, however once the outer- side id cladded and fixed it all holds together and becomes a very robust system.

Installation of the Shaftwall system can be very quick especially the more that you use this system. Throughout the training you will have the opportunity to install a full Shaftwall system along with door openings that are uniquely designed for this system. Also you will get to look at the deflection head designs that are available for this system, this is important as due to the areas where this system is installed there is usually very high pressure and movement so the need for a deflection head detail that allows the wall to contract and extract is important.
This training will help you as an installer improve you efficiency of work that can then reflect on the overall quality finishing for the job in question. We also aim to help candidates understand the material consumption to avoid waste, this reflects well at site as there will not be so much waste and costs can be saved.


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