Module 2 - Drywall Ceilings

By the end of today's training you will have the skill to install a Knauf drywall Ceiling system with confidence and in accordance with the required installation standard ASTM C754 & C840 or EN BS 8212.

This training is to help you understand the available ceiling systems that are on offer with Knauf LLC, and provide you with the skill and ability to be able to install them in accordance with the correct standard.
We aim to help improve efficiency at site and improve the overall quality perception of the trainees. Also we look at material consumption to help avoid waste at site that can then create a saving on material.

Ceiling Standards to be discussed - EN 13964:2014 & ASTM C635-13a
During this training module you will get the opportunity to understand the requirements that come with developing a ceiling system, it isn't a simple matter of putting random profiles together and having a designed ceiling system.
There are many aspects that need to be assessed from the profile manufacturing through to the individual product testing then on to system testing, it all becomes a lot more stringent as when it comes to a ceiling this is above your head and any failure in the performance can prove far more severe than that of a wall system.

At Knauf LLC we have many ceiling systems that suit different areas, we can provide fire rated ceilings, design ceiling with features and free spanning ceiling that are great for areas that have not so much space for suspension. All these system are different and comply with a range of different standards so it is very important to understand what we have and what we can provide, this training will provide you exactly this through explaining each system in details and allowing you the opportunity to install all ceilings yourself and get the feel of how they perform.
Some ceilings are purely there for decorative purposes and to hide any defects or equipment that may be above, others can be there for specific performance requirements that have been set. Some ceiling need to be tested to comply with the expectation of any ground movement (earthquake) and this can be specified at many different levels, so it is important that all this data is available with Knauf in order to ensure we can sell our systems. Again this is a topic that will be covered within this training session.

Finishing a ceiling system is different to that of a wall as any reflective light will highlight any joint areas far more that what it will on a wall system. So much more care is required with ceilings when tape & Jointing, you will get the opportunity throughout the training to apply some finishing products upon the joints and see the effect for yourself.


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