Module 1 - Partition Systems


By the end of today's training you will have the skill to install a Knauf drywall partition with confidence and in accordance with the required installation standard ASTM C754 & C840 or EN BS 8212.


Throughout this training session we aim to take you through the step by step process on how to correctly assemble a drywall partition system, we will start with the basic Knauf W111 system and work up to the higher performing Knauf W115/W116 system. We look at speed of installation, quality of work and material wastage that can all play a major factor when it comes to cost saving.

Partition Standards to be discussed - BS 5234-1, EN 1364-1, ISO 10140-1 / 717-1, ASTM E119, E90, and E2226 & E1966
This training is both practical and theoretical where we will begin with understanding the values and performance criteria's for each drywall system. We will discuss the structural performances that are related to drywall and how to manage to interpret these, also the fire resistance is a crucial part of the drywall system and again we will explain in depth how we determine these factors. We will explain the standards to which we perform testing for fire resistance and why we have to perform to specific standards; videos of the fire test will also be shown so that individuals get the opportunity to see exactly what we are discussing. Another important aspect of the drywall partition in relation to performance is the acoustical performance; this varies from system to system as there are many factors that impact significantly on the acoustical performance.

Knauf have many drywall partitions from the basic W111 through to the W116, these systems all have different performances that tailor to each individual's needs. Some walls are designed with 1, 2 or even 3 layers of gypsum boards attached this can be down to many factors again structural, fire or sound. So Knauf test every system and therefor have the data to understand the performance of each and every wall so when a specification is needed we can simply choose the best suited system. Over the training session we will perform a small task of looking at specifications and matching them to the best suited system of Knauf.

The practical part of the training will involve installing a full scale drywall system from start to finish whereby you get the opportunity to feel and use the material yourself, this will involve cutting metal profiles and gypsum boards along with having to finish them to an acceptable level of standard. You will install using all the latest Knauf tools whereby you will then get the opportunity to see the importance of using appropriate tools.


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