W625 System

The Knauf W625 Dry Lining System is similar to the Knauf W111 Partition Wall System with the difference that the W625 Systemuses gypsum boards as cladding on one side only. The Knauf W625 System significantly increases both thermal and sound insulationvalues with international standards.The Knauf W625 Dry Lining System can be applied on all types of wall surfaces. It is an ideal solution that meets high requirements forthe thermal insulation of exterior masonry walls.

The Knauf W625 Dry Lining System:
• Is used for all types of interior wall linings.
• Insulation material, and service and plumbing lines can be easily inserted into the cavities of the lining.

• The W625 System is an easy-to-install system applied with minimum accessories that provides savings on transportation and labor.Depending on the performance requirement, the Knauf W625 System can use all types of Knauf Gypsum Boards, including KnaufStandard Board, Knauf Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Board, Knauf Fire-Resistant Gypsum Board, and Knauf Moisture & Fire-Resistant
Gypsum Board as lining materials.The Knauf W625 System consists of gypsum boards installed on Knauf CW studs and UW channels with Knauf TN self-tap Drywall
Screws. Depending on the thermal insulation requirement mineral wool may be inserted as insulation material into the cavities of the

W625 Double Layer (With Insulation & Defl. Head)


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