Knauf Mobile Gypsum Board Lifter.
Safe and user friendly board lifter for gypsum board ceiling applications. Max.lifting height - 3.5m. Heavy duty wheels with mechanical breaks allows efficient use on building sites. Easy dismantling and compact storage.
Knauf Board Roller
Roller for tansporting gypsum board sheets with ease. Max. load capacity - 400 kg.
Knauf Utility Knife
Utility knife for scoring and snapping gypsum boards with ease.
Knauf Duo Beveller& Rasp combo
A two in one tool for chamfering/ bevelling the cut edges of gypsum boards to achieve 45o or 22o surfaces for improving joint treating applications.
Knauf Board Saw
A light and easy to handle saw with auger shaped tip used for making cutouts in gypsum boards. Can also be used for making pilot holes for power plug installations.
Knauf Hand Rasp
Easy to use hand rasp for sanding gypsum board surfaces to achieve smooth surfaces.
Knauf Board Lifter
Special tool for lifting gypsum boards single handedly when fixing them on metal framing.
Knauf Bit Chuck HK11
Special drill bit for sinking drywall screws exactly 1mm below the board surface.
Knauf Putty Mixer
Drill bit used for mixing gypsum board putties for homogeneous consistency.
Knauf Trowel
Lightweight trowel with plastic handles for filling gypsum board joints with joint compounds.
Knauf Skim Coat Trowel
Trowels for applying skim coating compounds on the whole surface of gypsum boards.
Knauf Rounded Spatula
Rustproof spatula and screwdriver in one for joint treatment.
Knauf Rounded Spatula, Cleaneo Edition
Rustproof spatula developed specially for Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic Board applications. Edge design of spatula allows the tool to easily remove the excess joint fillers coming out of cut edge joints of the Cleaneo Boards.
Knauf Cleaneo Assembly Kit
Tool set for Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic applications. Set consists of plastic nozzle, plunger, shell and two assembly aids. Plastic nozzle is used for the application of Knauf Uniflott Joint Compound and assembly aids are used for aligning circular perforation designs to achieve flawless surfaces.
Knauf Pouch Gun
Pouch gun for applying Knauf Acoustical Sealants and Knauf Uniflott Joint Compound.
Knauf Stamp Pliers
Easy to use stamp plier for connecting studs and tracks together without the involvement of screws. Special design allows the tool to be used with ease with a single hand.


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