Well-made and expertly crafted, our fully warranted accessories guarantee consistent quality across the Knauf range. Comprising fillers, cements, tapes, beads, fixings and more, they're all designed with compatibility, endurance and optimum performance in mind.

Our product range is extended in order to serve better and faster drywall solutions.

Hammer Fixings
Hammer Fixings are light duty fixings which have a special thread lock design that prevents pre-expansion during transit installation and provides an option for faster fixing without screwdriver work. Both sizes are suitable for perimeter fixings for both partitions and ceilings. In addition to that, 8x45 mm is perfectly suitable with universal bracket in wall claddings. Hammer fixings are faster alternatives to the Plastic plug and Plastic plug Screw.
Wedge Anchor
Wedge Anchor is a very easy-to-apply accessory which can be used as a best solution for Knauf Ceiling systems (KCB and D112 with Nonius Hangers), perimeter fixings for ceilings, and even for partitions where fire resistance is required. Wedge Anchor is faster alternative to the ceiling steel dowel in case ofKCB Ceiling systems and FR rated alternative to Plastic Plug & Screw in terms of fire rated partitions.
Ceiling Wire Hanger
Ceiling Wire Anchor is as easy as the Wedge Anchor in terms of application and it can be used as a perfect solution for D112 Ceiling System with Hanger Wires. Ceiling Wire Hanger is a faster alternative to Ceiling steel dowel in case of D112 Ceiling systems.
Driva Plus Self Drilling Metal Plug
Driva Plus with screw requires no drilling and can be screwed simply on the partitions for standard loads.
Cavity Fixings
Cavity fixing is used for superior loads on partitions and its design enables that the fixtures can be removed and refitted.
Spring Toggle with Screw
Spring Toggle is a cavity fixing with long threaded screw and it is ideal for superior loads especially for ceilings.
Concrete Screwbolt
Concrete Screwbolt is a non-expansion bolt with undercut technology for fixing into wood, brick, cracked or non-cracked concrete and it is a high performance bolt that cuts its own thread. It suits to perimeter fixings, to some details of Fire Resistant partition and it is specific for Head of Wall connections.
Corner Bead - Micro
Corner finishing and protection for gypsum boards with fine expanded metal wings which provides superior keying to the plasters, which eliminates shadowing and avoiding cracking.
Edge Bead - Micro
Edge finishing and protection for gypsum boards with fine expanded metal wings provides superior keying to the plasters, which eliminates shadowing and avoiding cracking.
PVC Shadowline Trim
PVC Shadowing trim is preferred especially for aesthetic drywall finishing and it is used to create a shadow line which minimizes building imperfections.
PVC Control Joint (Movement Bead)
Designed to provide for movement to accommodate expansion and contraction caused by initial stucco shrinkage and minor thermal movement.
TB Self -Tapping Screws
Self- drilling screws with countersunk Phillips heads for fixing gypsum board on metal grids up to steel thickness between 0.7mm and 2.0 mm.
HGP Diamant Screws
Specially designed screws to be used with Knauf Diamant Impact resistant boards.
SN Cleaneo Screws
Specially designed screws with countersunk Phillips head for fixing Cleaneo acoustic boards to metal framing.
LN Waferhead Screws
Zinc coated self-drilling tips with low profile head for metal Fixing. Suitable use for light gauge up to 0.7 mm thick.
Plastic Plug M8
Knauf Plastic Plug is to be used together with plastic Plug Screws for fixing the perimeter runners and studs on solid walls.
Plastic Plug Screw
Knauf Plastic Plug Screw is to be used together with Plastic Plug for fixing the perimeter runners and studs on solid walls.
Ceiling Steel Dowel
Knauf ceiling steel dowel are anchoring elements used for connecting suspension elements such as Knauf Hanger wire, universal brackets or nonius hangers to the load bearing slabs of structures.
Hartmut - Hallow Wall Dowel
The most advanced cavity dowel for drywall systems with a load capacity up to 65 kg.
Knauf Acoustical Sealant
Knauf Acoustical Sealant is white colored, acrylic based sealant which improves sound insulation and acoustical performance when applied in drywall partitions as per Knauf's Technical Datasheet recommendation. It can be used as a general purpose sealant for compatible joints involving gypsum board, metal, concrete, cement, wood plastics. The most common application is sealing the space between the surface and Knauf UW metal tracks in all types of drywall partitions. It can be used with both Knauf EN- BS and ASTM drywall systems.
Knauf Sealing Tape
Knauf Sealing Tape is closed foam tape, self adhesive on one side, permanently flexible. It is recommended for the connection of flanking constructional components with the backside of the runners in drywall partitions. for sound and fire protection requirements the Knauf Sealing tape is not recommended (use the Acoustical or Intumescent Sealant).
Knauf “Clinch on” Tool
KNAUF “Clinch on” tool is used for the dry fixing of the Knauf “corner bead micro”. It clinches the wings (made of micro expanded metal) of the corner bead micro on to the edge of the corner of the wall formed by the gypsum boards.
Knauf LN Waferhead Screws
Knauf LN Waferhead Screws are zinc coated self drilling tips with low profile head for metal to metal fixing.
Knauf Paper Tape
Roll of specific Knauf Paper Tape which has been sanded, microperfored and pre-folded. Both faces have been sanded so to obtain a better adhesion to the joint compound used. Microperfored in an exclusive patented way (double punched : electronical and mechanical) which allows a better smoothing, sanding and sticking. Pre-folded on the center so to position the tape easily when needed.
Knauf Putty Pads
Knauf (FR) Putty Pads are an easy to apply fire and sound rated sealant supplied as a non-setting putty. The pad is hand workable, re-useable and re-serviceable due to its non-setting properties.
Knauf MB Anchor
The Knauf MB anchor provides permanently fixed threaded sockets into concrete to allow suspension for the Knauf Mass Barrier Ceiling.


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